The purpose of Nine Nickels Opportunity Fund is to provide financial support for the educational opportunities of exceptionally promising students.  

The goal of the fund is to limit the number of missed opportunities to succeed because of financial constraints, as well as to enable students to have some of the same enrichment experiences their more affluent peers take advantage of.  

The Opportunity Fund supports a wide range of opportunities that the Nine Nickels believes will have a meaningful impact on a student’s lifelong success, including school supplies, tutoring, test prep, college visits, college applications, tuition support, etc.


The Nine Nickels Career Mapping module provides resources that aid students in understanding the specific steps needed to achieve their career goals.  

The goal of this program is to expose students to a variety of professions and viable career paths beyond the typical and limited list of jobs they are already familiar with – doctor, lawyer, police officer, professional athlete, etc. 

By exposing students early on to a realistic picture of what it takes to achieve their dreams,  Nine Nickels will give students a tangible idea of the skills and steps needed to achieve their most audacious career goals.  We are a mentor that grants access to a wealth of knowledge that is not readily available in all communities.


Nine Nickels provides admissions and enrollment consulting for both schools and families. We acts as a resource for families looking for better educational options for their children. We help parents locate great independent and charter schools, and help them make informed decision by helping families understand each school’s unique qualities. We then assist families in navigating the admission and financial aid processes.

We provide strategic support to schools seeking to accomplish their diversity and enrollment objectives.  We assist with student recruiting ideas, as well as success and retention programs. 

We help great schools connect with great families by bridging the information gap between the two.