The Power of Small Deeds

When you consider whether to help a person or to support a charitable organization like Nine Nickels do not underestimate the impact even the smallest of deeds or donations can have on the world. “You may only be one person, but you may be the world to someone else.” Your words of encouragement could be the boost of confidence a kid needs to decide to work toward her dreams. And that advice you decide offer, which to you is a throwaway detail, could be the critical piece of information that unlocks the success equation for a young person who is trying to navigate the road to the American Dream on his own.  The gift you make to Nine Nickels could be the seed investment in a child that funds a life changing opportunity, or funds the enrichment needed to go from good to great.

The bottom line is this: All good deeds matter. They have a disproportionately greater impact on the recipient of the deed relative to cost to giver. Small deeds have leverage and when you add them together they can move mountains.  Do not underestimate the power you and your small deeds have to do something great and impactful for someone else.

Support Nine Nickels with your small deeds.